Sports Gambling In Indiana

Indiana State FlagIndiana is a racing state. Home of the Indianapolis 500, Indiana is filled with passionate fans who make the Indianapolis Motor Speedway one of the most storied race tracks in the country. Indiana is also home to the Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana Pacers. For those of you who have considered placing a bet on one of your favorite sports teams or on a race, this guide provides information to assist those interested in learning how to safely and legally enjoy sports gambling for Indiana residents.

Betting on sports is considered a form of gambling, and inherently, any form of gambling has some laws governing it. With this guide, you can gain an understanding of the laws surrounding sports related gambling in Indiana to support you in making informed, responsible and legal bets on sports teams and events. We have attempted to create a clean and concise resource guide here at that provides accurate and fact based insight into legitimate sports gambling opportunities for residents of the Hoosier State.

Is Sports Gambling Legal in Indiana?

The answer to this question will depend on where exactly you intend to place your bets. Is state licensed sports gambling legal in Indiana? I’m afraid not. Several federal gambling laws combine to prohibit any type of US based sportsbook gambling from emerging in the state. The good news is that Indiana residents have access to reputable, legitimate and legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks that do allow them to place bets on their favorite sports online. There are not any state or federal laws that prohibit Indiana residents from placing bets online at legally licensed and regulated sportsbooks that are located outside of the US. You can read more about the laws affecting Indiana sports betting a little further down on this page.

Reputable Online Sportsbooks Accepting Indiana Residents

Since the legality of your sports bets is dependent on placing your wagers at legitimately licensed and regulated online sportsbooks, we take our recommendations very seriously.  Each of the following sports betting sites has been extensively vetted by our team of analysts who have confirmed that each brand is licensed and regulated, operating legally within the industry, employs advanced security protocols and provides a first class, premium betting experience from beginning to end.

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How US Federal Gambling Laws Impact Indiana Bettors

In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed, making sports betting illegal in the United States except for four states: Delaware, Montana, Oregon and Nevada. All other 46 states are not allowed to host sports betting in any sort of establishment within their borders. This being the case, you will not find any state licensed bookmakers operating in Indiana. PASPA only applies to US based sports gambling, and has no relevant application to sporstsbooks located outside of the United States.

The Federal Wire Act prohibits Indiana residents (and residents of the other 45 banned states) from placing bets online. For anyone in doubt of the application of this law, in 2011 the DOJ issued a Formal Opinion clarifying that the Federal Wire Act does indeed prohibit US based online sports betting. The good news is that they also clarified that the law does not apply to any other type of US based online gambling platform. This law combines with PASPA to effectively prohibit both online and offline US based sportsbook gambling in Indiana and most of the USA. Neither PASPA nor the Federal Wire Act make it a crime for US residents to place bets online.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) places regulatory restrictions on banks and credit card companies when processing gambling related transactions. While these restrictions may sound like they interfere with US residents who want to place bets online, the truth of the matter is that you can still gamble both legally and securely using the sportsbooks we’ve recommended.

How? The sportsbooks we recommend for Indiana residents are offshore sportsbooks, meaning they operate outside of PASPA, the Federal Wire Act and UIGEA. These sportsbooks are all legally licensed and regulated and are used by millions of people nationwide, so there’s no concern over breaking the law. These sportsbooks offer Indiana residents a safe and legitimate way to get in on sports betting through a secure and legally sanctioned environment.

Popular Sports Teams to Bet On in Indiana

The Indianapolis Colts have had a couple of strong seasons recently, but have been plagued by injuries. Starting quarterback Andrew Luck has put up consistent numbers since he came into the league and is a solid franchise quarterback. You can expect the Colts to make a push for dominance in their division come the 2017-2018 season.

The Indiana Pacers have long been a threat in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Paul George continues to lead the team towards playoff berth after playoff berth. They’re also a solid team to watch on a game-to-game basis and could make a move in the playoffs to go up against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Indy 500 is one of the biggest races in NASCAR season. If you’ve got a favorite drive, you can always place a bet for them to win it all at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If racing is your thing, you can also place bets on other races like the Daytona 500 or NASCAR Cup Championship.

NFL Teams in IN

Indianapolis Colts

NBA Teams in IN

Indiana Pacers

Notable Motor Sports Races in IN

Indy 500

FAQ’s About Betting On Sports in Indiana

What Types Of Online Sports Betting Deposit Methods Are Available To Indiana Residents?

Depositing funds into your account can be done in one of several different ways. The sportsbooks we recommend have options for you to choose from, so it’s really whatever is most convenient for you. Some of the ways you can deposit funds into your account include credit/debit cards, money orders, money transfers, Bitcoin and more. One thing to note is that the withdrawal options available to you are sometimes dependent on which deposit method you used. Refer to the next FAQ for more information.

What Are My Options For Withdrawing My Winnings From An Offshore Sportsbook?

Once you want to cash out, receiving your winnings is as simple as going into your dashboard, selecting your account and selecting the option to withdraw your funds. As mentioned in the previous FAQ, in some cases you can only withdraw funds via the deposit method you used. For example, if you used MoneyGram or Western Union to make a wire transfer, then a wire transfer may be your only option in receiving your winnings. Be sure to check with the sportsbook you used in order to clarify their withdrawal policies.

Is Sportsbook Betting Online Safe For Indiana Residents?

Yes. The sportsbooks that we have suggested for Indiana residents have been in business for around a decade, accumulating tons of positive reviews from all types of customers and industry professionals along the way. These sportsbooks pride themselves on customer satisfaction, so security is a primary concern for them. They all utilize advanced data encryption, antivirus and firewall protection, as well as fraud prevention processes. They also employ a technical team to monitor these protocols around the clock. Their security profiles all exceed minimum licensing requirements, and demonstrate their commitment to keeping you and your sensitive information safe and secure.

Are There Any Types Of Bonuses or Incentives Available To Me?

These sportsbooks offer tons of bonuses for their users. Each of them wants to keep your business and they are willing to incentivize you to stay and win your affection. You get your first bonus when you sign up for an account and make your first deposit. The bonuses don’t stop coming after that. You can expect to see seasonal and promotional bonuses, as well as bonuses for customers who have remained with the site for some time. The best part is you can have accounts with multiple sportsbooks and take advantage of the bonus schemes at each destination. We have vetted the bonus offers at these sites and can assure you they are legitimate and include wagering requirements and terms that are reasonable, attainable and in line with industry standards.

What Are The Rules About Paying Taxses On My Winnings?

You should always pay taxes on gambling winnings in order to avoid any legal issues. Different states have different protocols regarding the amounts that require you to report them as taxable income, so your best bet is to educate yourself on your state’s tax policies and minimum threshold for reporting requirements.

Is It Possible To Place Spostsbook Wagers From My Mobile Phone?

Yes. Our recommended sportsbook sites that accept Indiana residents have mobile apps available so you can take your betting with you on the go. Their design allows for multi-device use and function just like their web counterparts in terms of security and structure. These mobile applications often include a sportsbook’s most advanced features, such as live betting and in play wagering.

Are There Any Sports Teams in Indiana That Have A Shot At Winning A National Title in 2016/2017?

The Indiana Pacers could potentially make the Playoffs, though they face a tougher Eastern Conference than years past with a resurging Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, not to mention the already strong Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Anything can happen in the postseason, so the Pacers are a team to look out for when it comes to championships this year.

The Indianapolis Colts missed the playoffs this year, but you can expect Luck and Co. to come back stronger than ever in the 2017-2018 season. The offseason always holds surprises when it comes to trades, free agents and Draft Day, so depending on what moves the Colts decide to make, their next season could be a successful one.